We believe there is more to advocacy than just knowing the law. We believe the outside counsel should be looked at as a module, and patched to a corporations legal department.  That is what we call an Outside Inside Counsel.

Quality within a full service approach: We position ourselves as a boutique firm that combines outside know-how to offer blended full service to clients. We add value in bringing in our know how about the IT sector. Matters where this know how is not required are not on our plate. Where the task requires additional specialist input we procure from through third service providers. This enables us to meet highest quality standards for the entire range of legal questions that may occur within IT law matters.

Outside Inside Counsel: Sometimes inhouse counsels assume the task of aggregating the variety of specialist inputs they have received. Even more often, many of our clients ask us to do this job. If we are acting as an Outside Inside Counsel we assume the task of coordinating with our external colleagues -- leaving more time for the inhouse counsel to do other things on his plate. We believe true IT law advice should come with the option for an Outside Inside Counsel. We offer that approach, while combining it with language business understands.