Specialised Attorneys

IT law is not just a decent flavor of generic commercial law. Fact patterns sometimes are complex. Not understanding them can turn costly. We specialise so we are up to speed before you call.

To many, technology is looked at as a black box. And from a user perspective, rightly so. However, when it comes to describing the interdependencies between pieces of information, or technology, a lawyer cannot stop at forefront of the box, but should dig deeper. Good lawyering calls for at least an equally profound understanding of technology as is available at the attorney's client-side vis-à-vis. Often for more. Why so? Because giving legal advice has particularities:

Legal advice is about knowing the facts, and asking the right questions. Who lacks the basics, and the experience, will stop half-way. That is why we have specialised attorneys with experience in handling tech driven matters, and in asking the right questions.

Then, legal advice is about avoiding surprises. That is why we strive to anticipate what happens next. Look into our portfolio section to learn more about what makes our work different from other commercial legal work.